Q: I have downloaded your Plug-In. and now?

A: You need to install the Plug-In. For a How-To please go here.

Q: I have installed your Plug-In. and now?

A: A manual for LensTagger can be found here.

Q: I get: “Error: 1 – Failed to run the command” after clicking Run Command

A: You most probably did not install exiftool and configured the path to it in the Plug-in Manager. Please consult the Manual on How to install and configure LensTagger.

Q: I get “Error: 32512 – Failed to run the command”

A: Please configure the path to exiftool as stated in the Install Manual

Q: LensTagger does not tag my SONY NEX ARW RAW files.

A: It seems exiftool has some issues with Sony arw file (to be confirmed), please use the ‘write to XMP file’ option.

Q: I have reinstalled my Computer. How can I import my old LensTagger Presets?

A: LensTagger stores all its configuration and the presets in the Lightroom Configuration file. please go to http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroom-4.html for the locations of your Lightroom Preference file.

Q: I want to add Lens data to 1000+ files, but LensTagger tells me an error when running the Command. I am using Windows.

A: Please use the ‘Read Files from Filelist’ option to come around this limitation of  Windows.

Q: I lose all my adjustments when reading the Metadata from the files after I run LensTagger

A: Most probably you are using an Metadata import preset while importing images. Please use the ‘write to XMP file’ option.